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The tension between these two could have been felt from miles away. [Barnes] and Toyer do an incredible job displaying the complexity of the many feelings their characters are feeling at that moment...Regardless of what emotion they are supposed to evoke, they show it with care and with intense passion... It was almost as if the lines between actor and character were blurred. 

-Olivia Burke, Up & Coming Weekly Ruins

The lead female actress is Megan Barnes playing Christine. Not knowing much of the musical before I attended the show, I was wowed by how she manipulated the audience.

-Elaina J. Martin Up & Coming Weekly Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

All the actors are talented, but Megan [Barnes], who plays Rose, steals the show... She is silly, and her happiness is infectious. She had the audience laughing often. 

-Elaina J. Martin, Up & Coming Weekly The Carols

Megan Barnes is an incredible actress, vocalist, and dancer. Her energy onstage is infectious and she digs deep into her character. She’s an engaging performer in every way and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

-Sarina Edwards, Castmate Rosie & The Magnificent Neverender

You have an amazing talent! & gift ! From your performance I had the pleasure of attending you had the entire crowd captivated, laughing, and smiling ear to ear!

-Jason Masullo, Patron The Carols

Megan is an absolute joy to watch and to direct. She is incredibly talented and a very hard worker! I highly recommend hiring/casting her! You will not be disappointed!

-Tabitha Rexford, Dir. Rosie & The Magnificent Neverender

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